A long and fruitful journey

I started nurturing the idea of becoming a doula back in 2011 when I attended Michel Odent’s mind-altering Paramana Doula course. Seven years, two babies (making three in total) and one country later, here I am taking my first steps into the big wide world of birth work.

After three births of my own, I had developed confidence and trust in my own body’s process. However, in 2017, when I was given the honour of attending two births in my community, I was offered the profound experience of being a guardian of another woman’s labour and birth experience. It gave me confirmation that I was on the right path with those tentative, exploratory steps all those years ago and the call of working with birth beckoned ever stronger.

So here I am, offering myself to parents-to-be in Portugal, in the form of this site and all the potential love and energy it carries with it. I hope this is the beginning or rather the continuation of a long, fruitful journey.